Lattus Athena

Lattus Athena (born 429 IE was the daughter of Lattus Kai and his wife and former concubine Tishla, as well as the sister of Lattus Kai-ban. Like her brother, Athena was born with a mersa infection resulting from an assassination attempt on her mother’s life. Unlike her brother, she had resisted the infection and survived to be placed in stasis by Dr. Zewan. Her mother named her in honor of Athena Jovann, who had helped Tishla during her time on Metis. While Hanar remained out of contact with Metis until late in the Laral Occupation of Amargosa, Tishla nonetheless named Madam Jovann Athena’s godmother.

Athena emerged from stasis to receive the nano-biotics to kill the infection. She survived.

After the liberation of Amargosa, Athena would sometimes accompany her mother when she stayed at JT’s cabin. One time, she voiced a preference for JT’s presence over that of Tishla’s casual lover, Trevor Colt.

In 434, she traveled with her mother to Amargosa to visit JT. Tishla needled her friend about his relationship with Ellie Nardino, pushing him to marry her. Athena was not happy JT wanted to marry someone other than her mother.


Appearances: Tishla, Suicide RunWinter Games