Sovereign of the Realm

The Sovereign was the supreme monarch of the Realm, the primary Gelt polity. A sitting Soveriegn was considered a god, sometimes to the annoyance of the person crowned. Symbols of the office included a scepter, an elaborate sword, and a crown that sported waving tentacles.

When a person, male or female, ascended to the Seat of Supremacy, which referred to both the throne and the ruling council, they were said to “surrender their name.” Upon death, they would “take back their name.” The Sovereign was always referred to by title, never by their birth name. Regnal names fell out of use around 130 IE.

The Sovereign in power in 429 IE witnessed a challenge between Lattus Kai and Laral Jorl that resulted in the former’s death. However, Lattus sent his pregnant concubine Tishla to the Compact, freeing her by virtue of having no indenture laws. As a free woman carrying Lattus’s unborn twins, she automatically became his wife. The Sovereign countenanced a second challenge by her, with Laral Umish as her champion. Laral Jorl committed suicide rather than face his son in single combat, forfeiting his claim to the planet. The Sovereign then looked on as Tishla offered either her own death or a chance to rebuild to the humans as a pennance for the theft of their land. He came to her afterward and offered her a chance to become a mistress. This particular Sovereign had a fondness for strong, intelligent mistresses who served as informal advisors. His own wife often recruited them. Tishla, however, turned Him down, but He told her she always would have His ear and that of His wife and the Seat of Supremacy.

Three months into the occupation of Amargosa, the Sovereign questioned the wisdom of the conflict after the Compact dropped several weapons of mass destruction on a Realm colony. He traveled to the planet to force Laral Umish to give an accounting of his operation. However, during a banquet thrown in His honor, one of the human slaves detonated a suicide bomb, killing Him and Laral Umish. The Seat of Supremacy remained vacant for the next several months.

Appearances: The Roots of War