Class-E Planet

A Class-E planet designates a world that is very similar to Earth. Its primary characteristics are similar size to Earth, temperate and varied climate, oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, and a large amount of surface water. Earth is the model for the class. Among the Class-E worlds in the Compact include EarthTian, and Dakota.

Defining characteristics:

Average atmospheric pressure:   800-1200 millibars

Typical atmospheric content:        60-80% hydrogen, 12-30% oxygen, other elements in non-lethal levels or combinations

Diameter:                                           9000-14,000 km

Average temperature range:          -200◦ – 50◦ C

Gravity:                                              .7 – 1.3 g

Additionally, Class-E worlds have active magnetic fields, 30-80% water coverage, multiple and varied climates, and generally (but not always) an abundance of complex life forms.