Compact Security Council

The Compact Security Council is a subset of Delegates to the Compact Assembly that acts as an upper house. There are six permanent members to the Council: EarthMarsTianThe CaliphateEtrusca, and Jefivah. In addition, nine other members are chosen by the Assembly at the start of each session to join the Council for a two-year term. The senior Delegates of each member sit on the Council, presided over by the Secretary-General, though the Council elects a Chair to preside when the Secretary-General is not present.

The Council focuses primarily on, as the name implies, security matters and alien relations. All members of the Council sit in Assembly when Council is in recess or the presence of the full Assembly is required. Junior Delegates may sit in their senior Delegate’s place if the Council member is absent and may be called into Council for matters considered urgent enough to warrant a core world‘s full delegation.