Admiral Shorees was a flag officer in the Sovereign’s Fleet, representing the Realm. In 432 IE, she traveled to Farigha to present evidence to John Farno, essentially governor of the first colony destroyed by the Laral Family, that Jez Salamacis was one iteration of a clone who assassinated the Sovereign formerly known as Sansar Aryanna. As Sansar had been a mentor to the then-current Sovereign, He considered both Salamacis’s and Marcus Leitman’s continued existence a roadblock to peace. Unsaid, but clearly implied, was the Realm’s desire to recognize an independent Metis and/or her colonies, Farigha and Amargosa.

Because of differences between Gelt and human vision, Shorees deduced Persephone was actually the holographic avatar of an artificial intelligence.


Appearances: Suicide Run