Persepone (originally called Julie) was an AI entity that developed from an AI interface based on former terraformer Julie Seding. She originally was a personality template added to the onboard AI of a rover commandeered by John Farno, sole survivor of the attack on Farigha.

Farno replaced the factory AI on a new rover he took over when it proved to be “pedantic” and, as evidenced in the logs, annoying. As a copy of Julie Seding, she could be sarcastic but provide Farno with more human-like companionship. Upon their arrival at Solaria, one of only two surviving settlements after the attack, “Julie” went dormant and uploaded a pornographic overlay on her AI core so Farno could celebrate. At the time, she and her pornographic counterpart, had only visual holographs for avatars with no illusion of solidity. In order to make Solaria habitable, Farno had to violate several Compact laws restricting AI capability to allow Julie to become more than just an interface for a rover’s so-called “soft brain.”

Appearances:   No Marigolds in the Promised Land