Tomas Ramiriez (died 429 IE) was an ex-Marine from Ares who joined Quan‘s resistance force during the Gelt Incursion. During the Polygamy Wars, he served in the Arean Second Orbital, having done several jumps from orbit.

He led a patrol with a native Amargosan named Arushi and JT Austin. He gave Austin anitbiotics for his sepsis. The group investigated an abandoned Gelt incursion capsule. They blew it up along with a battle wagon crew that happened by. During the patrol, they located a pair of survivors. One, Yaris Ran, a veterinarian, would become the doctor at Walden during its time as a resistance camp.

After rescuing a shopkeeper and Ran, the patrol headed back to Walden. Along the way, they were attacked by another battle wagon, this one hijacked by Lucius Kray‘s insurgents disguised in Gelt armor. Only one of the attackers survived, a former Colonial Guardsman named Farset, whom they took prisoner. Unconscious, JT broke his leg to immobilize him while Ran fixed it. Farset referred to the refugees and settlers killed by the insurgents as “collateral damage,” for which JT allowed the shopkeeper to punch him. Ramirez then advised Farset that he faced a Section 11 for attacking civilians and operating a militia without sanction.

When JT returned to the camp with Suicide, he brought with him knowledge of how to rig a Gelt heat ray weapon to a human runabout. Ramirez argued with Quan about the wisdom of attacking the Founders' Mine head on until JT tested the weapon on a stay lycanth harrassing the camp. The attack, Quan explained, would be a feint to draw Kray from the real assault. They moved out at dawn the next morning.

Ramirez led a contingent that included JT Austin into the mine but was ambushed by Lucius Kray personally. Kray captured JT and murdered Ramirez after he surrendered.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa