Dr. Yaris Ran

Dr. Yaris Ran was a veterinarian who lived at the northern fringe of the Townships in Amargosa‘s Central Plains before the Gelt Incursion. He survived a raid by insurgents and was able to supply the resistance with medicines that could be adapted for humans. Upon seeing JT Austin‘s blood poisoning, he treated the boy with a livestock antibiotic. Ran realized the infection as marvo and selected a horse medication in the absence of human remedies.

Ran participated in the interrogation of a Gelt prisoner. During this interrogation, he admitted to dissecting the corpse of a Gelt soldier during the early part of the invasion. He found them to be remarkably human-like. He also speculated that the hole in the prisoner’s tongue indicated that males kept their genitals in their mouths. JT and Lizzy Parker confirmed this, and Lizzy related how one attempted to rape her the day before.

Appearances: The Children of Amargosa