Laral Umish

Laral Umish was the son of Laral Jorl and a member of the Warrior Caste. In 429 IE, he agreed to be Tishla‘s champion in her confrontation with his father before the Sovereign in exchange for retaining Cyal (Amargosa). Umish agreed as his father continually belittled him. If he lost, Jorl would be known as a man who killed his own son in single combat. If he won, he would be permitted to keep Amargosa.

Rather than face him, Jorl committed suicide. Umish was granted the claim to Cyal and banished from the Sovereign’s presence after expressing outrage over Tishla’s offer of either blood or reconstruction to the humans.

As a child, Zewan served as his physician but elected to remain behind on Hanar when Lattus Tishla took over the colony. Zewan always questioned whether Umish’s boldness or intelligence would win out as an adult.

Umish had a wife named Peteesh, who found her time on Amargosa to be a big adventure. As a gift, he selected the human Davra Andraste to be her pet, which thrilled Peteesh.

Shortly thereafter, Laral found himself answering to the the Sovereign for the conflict between the Realm and the Compact.

Appearances: The Roots of WarTishla