Athena Jovann

Athena Jovann was a native of Metis. As an Assistant Compact Attorney for Metis, she handled debriefing Tishla upon her arrival and quarantine. She also questioned and debriefed Douglas Best after Jefivah demanded his return.

In 430 IE, Jovann accepted an assignment as a representative of the Metisian government to travel to Hanar aboard the Challenger. She escaped an assassination attempt when Admiral Burke came to retrieve her. She expressed surprise that Mitsuko Yamato carried a sword as standard equipment. She also informed Admiral Burke she wanted Giddeus Modesto to continue as her pilot after Modesto threw away the belt used by the suicide bomber.

Jovann had a mandate to assess the situation on the former colony of Gilead. While expected to tell Tishla to vacate the planet with all Gelt settlers, she had the discretion to grant provisional recognition to the regime that had supplanted the Laral Family‘s invading force. She listened as Tishla explained the events following the seizure and destruction of the original Gilead colony. To her surprise, the humans voiced hostility to a Compact liberation as they felt the Compact had abandoned them. From Orias Palak, she learned that many of the Gelt settlers felt the same way toward the Realm. However, it pleased her to learn her sister, Diana, was still alive and that Tishla had named her daughter Athena for the kindness Jovann had shown her on Metis.

After the Liberation of Amargosa, Metis appointed her governor-general of the planet, nominally leader in Metis’s “dispute” with Hanar. She had already served as her homeworld’s representative to the former Gilead and endorsed giving the new regime its independence despite interference by Marcus Leitman in the Compact Assembly. During a debrief by Ellie Nardino on the actions and composition of the Northern Resistance, Jovann became outraged that her sister Diana died as a result of Lucius Kray‘s power lust.

While Amargosa remained “amicably disputed” between Metis and Hanar, Metis appointed her governor-general of the planet to represent the Metisian government. Hanar appointed an ambassador. When Provisional Governor Best recovered from an assassination attempt, Jovann assumed his duties with agreement from Hanar. While conferring with Chancellor Orias and Admiral Burke, she told Suicide to carry out whatever orders Governor Best gave her without telling her what they were. Additionally, she ordered the Minerva to run interference so that the Anna Khirovsky could not stop her and JT Austin.

Along with her sister Vesta (aka June), she traveled to Farigha, accompanying a recovering Governor Best. There, as representatives of Metis and Amargosa, they viewed evidence implicating Salamacis in the murder of the previous Sovereign of the Realm. Marcus Leitman also bore suspicion in the attack.

In 434, as a diplomatic nod to the Metisian Republic, Athena Jovann attended the wedding of King Edward and Mitsuko Yamato.


Appearances: The Roots of War, Gimme Shelter, Flight BladeStorming AmargosaSuicide RunRoyal Orders