Nolan Rosc

Nolan Rosc was a resistance fighter on Gilead. Under orders from Trevor Colt, he took several families in the wilderness in hopes they could hold out against the invaders.

Rosc fired the shot that nearly killed Lattus Tishla and poisoned her unborn twins. When arrested, Tishla promised not to execute him. instead, she exiled him to Ramcat in the Laputan Guardianship. There, he would have to work with Tishla’s brother-in-law, Lattus Brac, to recruit settlers to rapidly expand Hanar‘s population. During this time, he had a very casual relationship with a Laputan woman who allowed him to live in her apartment. He described intimacy with her as being “like swimming in a woman.”

Shortly after setting up shop, Rosc encountered Gene Klament, who claimed to be interested in helping Hanar. Rosc had his suspicions, deepend by an immediate visit by Tol Germanicus, who wanted Rosc to obtain a DNA sample of him. Rosc did some research and discovered Klament’s earliest record came from Earth‘s twenty-first century with a birth in Canada. The last was an exit visa from Gohem the day the Earth-Mars War began.

The search also revealed that Klament had a more recent alias, that of Mark Katergarus of Etrusca. Brac said that Tishla knew him as “Marq” and had, before Hanar implemented a bill of rights, issued the last death warrant on that world for Katergarus. Delda added that he believed Germanicus to be immortal rather than merely amortal, as the tycoon had survived every attempt on his life, including the most recent one in Quantonesia. Both suggested Rosc obtain a DNA sample by breaking into Klament’s apartment. However, this resulted in Rosc’s arrest for breaking into the apartment of Marcus Leitman, senior Compact Assembly delegate for Earth.

Rosc decided, during jail time, to flee Armaneya City for the Zaran homeworld. Sarai Gaddar coaxed him off the shuttle to stay at his post. However, both were injured when the ship exploded, killing all the crew and passengers, plus eight people at the dock. An Orag physician named Selvastre treated him for his injuries, including moving him to Ramcat’s surface to allow him to recover in near 1G gravity and a full atmosphere. He spent six weeks in a medically induced coma. When he awoke, he learned that Germanicus had confirmed Klament’s DNA belonged to Leitman, but that the information would remain under wraps.

Suri Mongano, using her legal alias of “Minerva Tiwaz,” confirmed this information to Rosc when she warned him of a plot to remove him and Lattus Brac from their positions. Brac was soon taken into Realm custody. Rosc had already written a letter to Tishla, expressing remorse for his actions, the death of her son, and attempting to leave his post. He offered to come to Hanar for punishment. Tishla, while still angry about Lattus Kai-bon‘s death, told her she blamed Douglas Best, who informed him that, while the Compact did not officially recognize Hanar, Metis wanted to let the world go. As Leitman was not part of the Compact’s diplomatic community, his writ for treason did not hold any weight. Best offered to issue a new writ that, in effect, would send him back to Hanar on behalf of the Metisian government.

Appearances: TishlaThe Exile