Utopia Planitia

Type: Capital ship

Class: Olympus Mons

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service: Navy

Captain: Vice Admiral/Admiral Eileen Burke


The Utopia Planitia was the first Olympus Mons-class starship of its iteration. Occasionally, it served as the flagship of the Compact in tandem with other vessels of both the Olympus Mons and Woodrow Wilson classes.

Built over Mars, it first saw service in the Laputan War, continued its service during the Polygamy Wars, and saw action during the liberation of Amargosa. In the late 420s and 430s IE, Rear Admiral (eventually full Admiral) Eileen Burke would use the ship as her flag. She personally took the Utopia Planitia to Farigha during the rescue of John Farno. Additionally, it participated in the Amargosan liberation as Fleet Admiral Tran Vu‘s flag, ferrying First Citizen Lattus Tishla of Hanar to order Gelt troops to stand down.



No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Storming Amargosa