Jeris Mar

Jeris Mar was the captain of the Laputan freighter Yenera. She had arrived on Hanar twice before, dealing with Laral Jorl originally, then Lattus Kai. In 429 IE, she came to Hanar shortly after Lattus Tishla became First Citizen. During her audience with Tishla, Jeris let slip that she had sold a rifle to Laral Umish. Tishla ordered her taken into custody.

Under torture, Jeris revealed she gave a KR-16 rifle with biotoxin-loaded bullets. Jeris later revealed that, while Laral Umish masterminded the attempt, Yrdesh actually funded it. Tishla sent her back to the Guardianship as an exile.

Jeris promised Rosc, who seemed uninterested, that she would kill Tishla for him. Rosc pointed out that she had been chained in her cabin while he had run of the ship.

Appearances: Tishla