Laputan Guardianship

Founded: 613 BCE

Homeworld: Laput

Primary Species: Ciescu (in Humanic, Laputan)

Government: Constitutional monarchy

Head of State: Guardian


The Laputan Guardianship was an interstellar empire centered on Laput, a Class-E world for which it was named. It’s most populous world was Ramcat, upon which their hypergate network was centered for all outside traffic.

The primary species was the ciescu, commonly called Laputans by outsiders. Primates, they averaged well over two meters tall with three meters not unheard of. While their genetic material was based on DNA, evidence suggests the species was seeded sometime around 5000 BCE after being engineered from multiple primate species, including three species of human, Gelt, and Qorori. As the fossil record of the ciescu dated back only to 5000 BCE, many Laputans believed they were created by a god they refer to as Unseen. A residual collective memory resulted in the Laputan name for Sol, Idem. It is possible the earliest ciescu had some knowledge of Earth and the story of Adam and Eve, though the earliest references to “Adam” date back only to 500 BCE.

The Guardianship had a peculiar method of first contact, starting a war with a newly discovered species to probe weaknesses, establish rules of engagement for future conflicts, and ultimately build trade with ensuing peace treaties. In 429, they had conflicts with the Compact and the Realm.



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