The Exile

The AmortalsThe Exile is the second book of the Gathering Storm Arc and eleventh over all in the Compact Universe series.

Nolan Rosc, exiled to Amarneya City in the Laputan Guardianship, now works for Tishla, the woman he shot for the Laral family. Rosc’s penance is to recruit human settlers to grow Hanar, which will strengthen it and make it the joint colony its founders envisioned.

But the Larals don’t want him to start, and Juno does not want him to succeed. Aided by Tishla’s friend Delda Rallis and her brother-in-law, Lattus Brac, they buck those opposed to Hanar’s existence. But someone is willing to sacrifice an entire ship to prevent Rosc from even leaving, let alone succeeding.


Preceded by: The Amortals

Followed by: Flight Blade