Major Liu

Major Liu was an aide to Fleet Admiral Tran Vu in 429 IE. Rear Admiral Burke believed, due to his skulking demeanor, that he had transferred to Tran’s service from the intelligence-focused Cybercommand. Curiously, despite wearing a Navy uniform, he bore the rank of “Major,” which existed only in the Marines and Border Guard. The Naval equivalent should have been lieutenant commander while the Cybercommand rank was O-4.

Liu accompanied Agent Rostov to question Douglas Best regarding seven warheads that went missing from Marilyn. Later, he diverted Force Admiral Quentin Austin from Bellingshausen Island, Navy headquarters, to Antarctica to discuss saving the admiral’s career in the wake of the failed attempt to retake Amargosa.

Liu, working with Fleet Admiral Tran, assigned Force Admiral Quentin Austin to investigate JunoCorp, which had sent a representative to the three colonies lost in the Gelt Incursion.

During the Liberation of Amargosaa, Tran sent Liu back to Earth, informing him he was fired. Additionally, his counterpart with the Air Marshal found themselves locked out while the Marine Corps Commandant threatened to kill his and hide the body. Leitman admitted that their plant in Cybercommand may have been killed outright by G-5 Zhong himself. Leitman ordered Liu to quit using his Juno paramilitary rank before he attached himself to Admiral Luke Bokome.


Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, The Marilynists, Broken SkiesFlight BladeStorming Amargosa