Olympus Mons Class

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service: Navy


The Olympus Mons class was a type of capital ship used by the Compact. The original ships of this class, like their sister ships of the Woodrow Wilson class, trace their origins to the Earth-Mars War, when Mars built several of the ships initially for the United Nations. As Mars commandeered “its property,” they formed the backbone of a rebel navy and were absorbed into the Compact Navy when the new entity was formed. As such, even well into the Compact Era, the ships drew their names from land formations on Mars.

Like the Wilsons, the more recent Olympus Mons ships were several times larger than the originals. The ships were described as “octagonal cylinders” with their bridges and medical facilities at the center of the hull rather than topside. The most recent iterations of the class sported ten railguns and a large hangar bay for a contingent of fighter craft and support shuttles.

By 429 IE, the Olympus Mons class had become the primary capital ship of the Compact fleet. However, by 432, the Compact Navy and, subsequently, the Metisian Republic began phasing them out in favor of the Germanicus class and her variants, examples of which include the Anna Khirovsky and the Queen Maria Sophia. An earlier iteration of the class continued production when the class’s dimensions grew once again. These ships became the Zephyr class. Though largely obsolete by 429, they easily recycled into the Navy’s first warp-capable ships.


Notable Ships:

Valles Marineris


Utopia Planitia



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