Tishla’s Journey

Tishla has the ideal job. Indentured to her lover in exchange for training as a geneticist, she serves as both his conscience and his foil. But when a mysterious alien arrives during a famine offering a "poh-tay-toe," things go horribly wrong. Her master, Kai, is convinced to join an invasion of two alien worlds, wildcat colonies the alien calls them. Only Kai learns the truth and exiles Tishla for her own good.

In space occupied by a species called "human," she learns the alien, also human, is lying to both sides. And she's pregnant. She returns to her stolen world Hanar to help rebuild. She must foil a murder attempt, save her unborn twins, and become a reluctant leader of a world populated by two species hostile to each other. She will even have to travel to a planet called Amargosa on a mission of revenge to finally free her own people and the humans stranded with her.

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