Patty Friese

Patty Friese (392 – 433 IE) was a hypergate operator, warp navigator, and Compact Navy officer. Born on Deseret and raised Mormon, she nonetheless developed a taste for wine after her assignment to The Caliphate's hypergate network. There, as a Border Guard enlistee, she first detected a distress call from John Farno, last surviving human on Farigha.

Vice Admiral Eileen Burke drew her into the rescue mission and assigned to her to Alcubierre, an experimental warp vessel that, Burke hoped, would be undetectable to their unknown enemy until the last second.

During the trip out, Friese began sleeping with Linda Havak, the mission commander. Soon, they became a couple and eventually married. The mission successfully retrieved Farno and escaped the returning Gelt when the Burke’s then-flag, the Utopia Planitia, arrived.

Friese transferred with Havak to the Challenger, where she helped perfect warp navigation. She participated in the mission to bomb a Gelt colony and kept silent about Captain Okada's failure to use the fission devices supplied on surface targets.

Burke offered her a commission as a full lieutenant in the Navy, which she accepted. Friese then went to Hanar during a fact-finding and peace mission. When planning began to liberate Amargosa, Friese trained both Giddeus Modesto and JT Austin on warp navigation. Both men teased her and Havak about being a bickering married couple, unaware she and Havak were engaged.

Eventually, Friese transferred to the Queen Maria Sophia as its first officer. Command fell to her when the ship came under attack by mechs later determined to be from Juno. She helped JT Austin and Mitsuko Yamato to get their shipmate, Edward Windsor who had just become King Edward of Bonaparte), off the ship and out of danger. Unfortunately, Friese was killed in the effort. Austin later gave her wife, Havak, a first-hand account of Friese’s death.


Bio Capsule:

Born: 392, Deseret

Homeworld: Tian, as of 429

Spouse: Linda Havak

Service: Border Guard (enlisted), Navy (commissioned)


No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Beyond Amargosa, Storming Amargosa, Checkmate