Patty Friese

Patricia Friese (392 – 433 IE), who went by Patty, was a technical sergeant in the Compact Border Guard. In 429 IE, she worked as a controller for the L5 Hypergate over The Caliphate in what was supposed to be her final year of enlistment. She noticed the anomalous signal from Farigha that revealed at least one survivor lived there. She also was among the first to notice the colony of Gilead had gone silent when its hypergate became inaccessible from The Caliphate.

During her time at the L5 gate, she lived in The Caliphate’s Najiran Valley Province, the planet’s wine country, despite being from Deseret, a core world originally founded by Mormons.

On the mission aboard the Alcubierre to rescue John Farno from Farigha, Friese became intimate with her captain, Linda Havak. She told Havak that she had never slept with a woman before.

During the mission, Havak recommended to Admiral Burke, based on support from her crew, that Friese be transferred to the Navy with a commission. She received a commission as a lieutenant, junior grade, upon John Farno’s rescue. She was then assigned to the Challenger, the Navy’s first combat-ready warp ship.

Shortly after receiving the anomalous signal from Farigha, Friese joined the rescue mission aboard the CNV Alcubierre.

Following Havak to the Challenger, she joined the crew once commissioned a Navy lieutenant. At Demeter, she piloted Peter Lancaster as he retrieved Giddeus Modesto and Mitsuko Yamato after they crashed their shuttle.

Friese and Havak trained Giddeus Modesto on warp navigation. Friese told him it was like plotting a wormhole, only straighter since the ship would move through normal space inside a warp bubble. They also trained JT Austin, amused by his comment about her and Linda Havak sounding like a bickering married couple. At that point, they had, in fact, married. She trained both Modesto and Austin on plotting wormholes, which was the basis for plotting warp courses.

In 432, she served as helm and a senior officer aboard the newly commissioned Bova, guiding the ship in a dangerous transit of the collapsed Yaphit Pass. She teased an injured JT Austin before the transit.

In 433, due to the split between the Metisian Republic and the Compact, Friese transferred to the Queen Maria Sophia as first officer. While escorting Austin to a meeting with Captain Thalen, she gave him good-natured ribbing over his sudden coupling with Stephanie Mercado. The meeting assigned Austin and Mitsuko Yamato to retrive Edward Windsor, now Edward I of Bonaparte, from the surface of Mud.

When a terrorist named Vernis led a mech boarding party and seized the ship, Friese led survivors of CNC to safety. Command fell to her upon the murder of Captain Thalen. She, Stephanie Mercado, and Flight Commander Kamal made it to the hangar bay and an awaiting Falcon. While evacuating the Sophie. They used its weaponry to cover the escape for JT and his party. However, like the royal party, they became trapped as Vernis, the terrorist seizing the ship, gained partial control and rotated the Sophie so they could witness the destruction of the Marcus Aurelius.

When Austin and his group began rigging spider drones to deliver stun grenades to disrupt the invading mechs, Friese, Mercado, and Kamal did the same. The disruption allowed Chief Engineer Peddig to jettison the EM drive reactor, forcing the ship to essentially reboot. It gave Friese time to get her Falon into space and give Austin’s cover. However, Vernis’s ship remained active and destroyed the Falcon, killing Friese, Mercado, and Kamal.


Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Flight BladeStorming AmargosaSuicide Run