Linda Havak

Linda Havak was the commander of the Alcubierre during the rescue of John Farno from Farigha. During this mission, she initiated an intimate relationship with Patty Friese, the mission specialist.

Havak had been the helm for the Alcubierre during its maiden flight between Jupiter and Trantor. Upon the “retirement” of her captain, Hideki Okada, she took command of the Alcubierre.

Havak was tall with short blonde hair. She did not consider herself attractive by any means, noting that even women called her “sir.” When Friese suggested she do something about her looks to blunt some of the criticism, Havak shrugged it off, saying she was an engineer first. Looks would be superfluous.

After the mission, both Havak and Friese were reassigned to the Challenger as first officer and navigator respectively. They trained Giddeus Modesto on piloting a warp-capable starship. Havak informed him that mastering this would help him get rated to fly the Olympus Mons and Woodrow Wilson classes of ship.

Additionally, she and Friese trained JT Austin on a mission to alert the resistance on Amargosa. She found Austin cocky, yet amusing, except when he suggested she and Friese sounded like a bickering married couple. They were, in fact, married by this point in time.


Appearances:  No Marigolds in the Promised Land, Warped, Flight BladeStorming Amargosa