Tishla’s Journey

Tishla's JourneyIt has arrived.

Tishla’s Journey takes the original stories, The Roots of War and Tishla, puts them all in Tishla’s point of view, and carries the story through the events of Second WaveFlight Blade, and Storming Amargosa. The result is a completely new novel that honors the original story arc, but fleshes out details previously not seen before. Including the burning question, “If Tishla has a daughter in all this, what the hell happened to her?”

Yes, it’s something I didn’t handle well in the original novellas.

We meet Tishla when she’s indentured to Kai, her childhood best friend. Gelt social obligations prevent Kai, a High Born, from marrying Tishla, a mere servant. But Tishla is more than a mere handmaiden. She is his conscience and his foil. Yet she knows she’s failed when an alien named Marq dangles a solution to their colony’s famine problems before them. They are swept up in an invasion of a “rouge colony.” When they notice this “humans” have too many similarities to Gelt, their colonies too developed to be wildcat settlements. Kai discovers the lie, tries to stop it, and is killed for his trouble.

His death leaves Tishla with his claim on a world the humans call Gilead and Gelt call Hanar. Using her unborn children’s inheritance as a basis to rebuild, she soon has to weld two hostile species into a new world, a new society, and possibly the only chance for peace. She will survive an assassination attempt, lose a child, and travel to another world on a mission of revenge. There, she will discover humans are not her enemies, but some Gelt are.

And she will be drawn on Amargosa to a mysterious woman who calls herself Suicide.

Tishla’s Journey is an exciting look beyond the Amargosa Trilogy, telling a completely different story from what our heroes in the trilogy see. Best of all, it can be read as a companion piece to the forthcoming Suicide Gambit.

Tishla’s Journey debuts today. $2.99 Kindle, $13.99 paperback.*

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