Beyond Amargosa Arrives!

Broken SkiesBeyond  Amargosa,  three  novellas  set… Well… beyond Amargosa, has debuted.

Broken Skies – The first attempt to retake Amargosa fails. Force Admiral Quentin Austin is on the hook for 9000 casualties. While he awaits his fate, he’s asked to look into JunoCorp, a mysterious company whose rep appeared on each colony the Compact has lost just before they went silent. He will travel from the glittering Caliphate to the industrial hell of Bromdar to the sleepy colony of Anacreon to learn the truth. Hostile aliens appear only to reveal an enemy on Earth.

Warped – True FTL has arrived. After four centuries of wormholes, both real and artificial, the Navy has given Dr. Alcubierre’s theories a try. But the two men behind making it work, Hideki Okada and Peter Lancaster, aren’t happy with the Navy’s plans. Warp provides a less-noisy, if slower, way across the stars, but those in power want to rain fiery destruction on humanity’s newest enemy, the Gelt. Okada, as captain, has to walk a fine line between duty and humanity as he learns the truth behind his mission.

Flight Blade – Two junior officers, Gid Modesto and Mitsuko Yamato, join a mission to Hanar, the Metisian colony seized by the Gelt. Instead of finding an occupied colony where humans are either dead or enslaved, they find a new ally in the effort to retake Amargosa. Soon, they become part of the liberation effort. Now, if they can just stop battling each other.

Beyond Amargosa puts the entire story of humanity’s response to the Gelt incursion in one place.

A volume so new I haven’t even had time to update this website.

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