Big News!

Suicide Run by TS Hottle

Coming August 13!

Suicide Run is the beginning of a new arc.

The liberation is two years in the past. The so-called Children of Amargosa have moved into their adult lives. Suicide has retired to her simple home in the foothills, occasionally working for the provisional government as a pilot. Only a baby left on her doorstep disrupts her quiet life.

It is no ordinary baby, however. Her father is the governor of Amargosa. Her mother is missing. And her mother’s genetic code is the key to human immortality.

Suicide and her protege, JT Austin, accept a mission to find the mother. Their quest will lead them on a chase across the stars. From the Neaderthal homeworld of of Gohem to the bizarre desert colony Marilyn to post-apocalyptic Walton, they track down Jayne Best, one of the first amortal humans and take her to distant Thule, high above the galactic plane. There, Suicide alone will confront those who want to control human evolution itself!

Suicide Run will be published by CHBB Publishing.

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