Suicide Run Arrives

Suicide Run by TS HottleToday is the day!

Suicide Run launches. This is the beginning of a new arc anchored by Suicide, aka Cui Yun, the mysterious pilot from the Amargosa Trilogy.

It’s two years after the events of Storming Amargosa. The so-called Children of Amargosa have moved on, and Suicide has returned to her quiet life near a lake north of Amargosa’s Central Plains. When a baby is dropped on her doorstep, she summons her protege, JT Austin, himself now a professional pilot. The baby and her sister, are no ordinary girls. Their mother holds the key to human immortality in her genetic code.

And mother’s gone missing.

Amargosa’s provisional government assigns Suicide and JT to search for the mother. Together with Boolay, their sarcastic chimp-like engineer, they begin their search on the moon of the homeworld of a Neanderthal race. From there, they travel to Marilyn, a colony founded by a cult to an ancient actress, then Walton, a failed colony overrun with carnivorous plants and city-wide fires.

Their search will lead them to Thule, the distant and difficult to access planet above the galactic plain. There, they will confront an enemy who seeks to control immortality.

And human evolution itself.

Suicide Run is currently available on Kindle and will be out in paperback soon! Launch event in two weeks! Brought to you by CHBB Publishing.

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