Hauser (died 429 IE) was a former Goshenite rebel and war criminal from the Polygamy Wars. In 429 IE, he joined a team with Tyler Wat to reach the Ban Ki-moon.  A native of Bromdar, he had a more gutteral “northern” accent than what Davra Andraste knew from her parents. Like his fellow Goshenite, Riley, he had not really given up his radical polygamist beliefs.

Hauser nearly shot Austin, Yuwono, and Lieutenant Tarak when they came down to the Edoras Transit Station. Tyler Wat stopped him, revealing that he had done time on Io for shooting his own people during the war.

During a stop at the maglev station near the ruins of Lansdorp, Hauser and Cannon attempted to rape the prisoner Trixie.. Davra defended her, killing Cannon in the process. Both Davra and Hauser faced Section 11 hearings before the team. The team found both guilty, but as Davra was charged with manslaughter, Suicide and Wat had her exiled. Suicide then shot Hauser in the head as he had been found guilty of military abuse.

Appearances: Second Wave