Jefivah was humanity’s first interstellar colony. A core world in the Compact, it was a permanent member of the Compact Security Council. Because of the world’s slow development, it was often referred to as “the Appalachia of the Stars.” It did not even have colonies of its own until 428 IE. One of them held a cache of strategic weapons that needed removal during initial settlement. Seven of these weapons went missing, five of which likely detonated on Farigha in the attack that destroyed most of that colony. One of the other two colonies took the name Barataria, from Don Quixote, while the remaining world bore the name of a “time-traveling crackpot.”

The Marilynist religion originated as a prank on Jefivah but has since moved into the mainstream. In 428 IE, the Marilynist Temple began recruiting settlers for the desert planet that eventually became known as Marilyn, for its goddess.

Jefivah was settled after the discovery of the Firenze Pass, the first known stable wormhole. Its discovery by humans marks the start of the Interstellar Era.

A common saying on Jefivah was “Chill out and be,” meaning to relax and let things slide.

Appearances: No Marigolds in the Promised LandThe Marilynists