Star System: Garrond 5

Astronomical Designation: Garrond 5e

Astronomical Name: G5e

Class: Class-M

Radius:  6817 km

Mass: 6.3902×1024 kg

Satellites: none

Atmosphere: oxygen-nitrogen

Population: 2.1 billion


Political Information:

Polity: Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Status: Core World

Government: Parliamentary Republic

Capital: Tyson



Jefivah was the first planet outside Solsystem. It was discovered when a Kuiper Belt probe fell through a naturally occurring wormhole eventually called the Firenze Pass. The search team also accidentally discovered the wormhole and determined they orbited a star recently cataloged as Garrond 5, approximately seven light-years from Earth and close enough for powerful telescopes to see into the Centauri Trinary in detail. Those who found the system landed on the fifth planet, an Earth-like world with the astronomical designation Garrod 5e. Rather than give the planet a more common name, like the later wormhole discoveries Aurora and the Greek names of the Helios system, explorers and settlers simply called it G5e. Eventually, this morphed into Gefivee, which corrupted over time into Jefivah.

Early in its existence as a human world, locals founded a cult to World War Era actress Marilyn Monroe. The Temple of Marilyn started as something of a prank, eventually becoming a sort of fraternal organization, then a full-blown cult after a period of civil unrest.

As humanity’s oldest outpost and among the first to sign the Compact, Jefivah had a permanent seat on the Compact Security Council. Never a wealthy world, Jefivah’s potential was stymied throughout its history by its unstable axis. With no moons, Jefivah’s seasons were unpredictable, with summers and winters lasting as short as six weeks and as long as a decade. In 428, Jefivah obtained three colonies—Marilyn, Barataria, and Mercia (unofficially dubbed Gallifrey, though the name never stuck.)


The Marilynists, The Amortals, Suicide Run