Where Do I Go From Here?

edited manuscriptI posted one of these over on the Jim Winter blog Friday, but it applies here. Storming Amargosa is going to get one more trip across the keyboard, hopefully shorter this time. But the question remains: What next?

On the scifi side, do I continue with the Compact Universe or do something else? I’ve toyed with a trilogy about Suicide and another where, because of the ending of Storming, the lovefest between human and Gelt ends badly (at least in the rest of the Compact and the Realm. I suspect Amargosa is pretty much done with all this.) I also had an idea where Eric Yuwono, the gung-ho former cadet drafted into the resistance, says to hell with being a Marine only to be drawn into the mysterious Cybercommand. Yes, he becomes Yuwono. Eric Yuwono. (The Walther PPK and P9 are most likely obsolete to the point of being archaic at this point.)

But all three of these ideas really depends on having enough readers to even care what happens to Suicide, Yuwono, or the Compact. So what, as a scifi writer, do I do next?

Fortunately, Storming is not going to be finished anytime soon. And early next year, I will finally be releasing new work. The Amortals is done with maybe a change to one line of dialog I really am not happy with. I expect The Exile back from its final beta this weekend, with Flight Blade in early October. Those come out first quarter of 2020.

Plus, I’m ghost writing a space opera novel. Now that everything’s off my plate for a few weeks, I can focus on this. Hopefully, I can get this out by mid-October, at which point, I’ll have an idea of what to do.