Sarai Gaddar

Sarai Gaddar (Born 401 IE) was a native of The Caliphate who originally served as Walter Pope‘s assistant at JunoCorp. From a traditional Muslim family,Sarai speculated that she was “paid to look like my mother,” since the company chose The Caliphate for its headquarters. However, she frequented wine bars and occasionally drank liquor. She also wore her hijab sparingly off hours, though she did not want her family to know she had gone secular.

Along with Force Admiral Quentin Austin, she discovered Pope’s body in the corporate swimming pool.

Later, she approached Austin to get help getting into JunoCorp’s headquarters. In exchange for sharing the information she would find, she asked him to take her off-world. She revealed that JunoCorp made very little money. Most of the revenue went somewhere other than the company’s accounts other than to maintain the headquarters. Upon entering JunoCorp’s headquarters, they discovered the company’s org chart was a sham, that she, in fact, outranked several executives. Also, former employee Marcus Leitman‘s corporate bio listed him as a native of Thule, aged 170, with Etruscan citizenship. However, that same Leitman’s government bio listed him as a native of Metis, aged, 37, a resident of both Etrusca and Belsham with Earth citizenship.

Gaddar was fired during the hacking session as the building’s security systems attempted to contain her and Austin. She led the admiral to an escape pod used by the late Walter Pope. His limousine recognized her and spirited them off to Pope’s hidden cottage to lay low.

She traveled to Bromdar with the admiral. There, she arranged a meeting with Hatch‘s CEO. Someone visited her hotel room and informed her he would smear her to her father and her family’s imam back on The Caliphate. She took it as an empty threat.

Austin shoved her out of the way if a stolen flitter and was himself hit. She stayed with him as he recuperated. While at the hospital, she arranged an interview with Hatch CEO Alton Loft, who attempted to halt the investigation. When Loft realized the investigation came from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he cooperated, revealing how JunoCorp obscured its internal workings. He also revealed that Dasarius Interstellar, run by Austin’s former partner Tessa Dasarius, owned Hatch.

Once Austin’s future in the Navy was secure, including a promotion to rear admiral, she accepted a permanent appointment as his civilian personal assistant. She also had a standing offer from Tol Germanicus for employment, which she later took up.

In early 430, while working for Germanicus, she went to Armaneya City to bail out Nolan Rosc and convince him to stay at his job for Hanar. She was injured when a Zaran shuttle exploded.

Appearances: Broken Skies, The AmortalsThe Exile