This Week – Another Way To Die Debuts

Another Way to DieFriday, February 10, Another Way to Die makes its debut.

Eric Yuwono has come into his own as an agent of Cybercommand, the branch of the Compact military tasked with intelligence, cyberwarfare, and black ops. It’s this last that has become Eric’s specialty, and in the beginning, he earns his license to kill.

But what started as a long search for bio-weapons becomes something else. His mission takes him to Hosh, a hedonistic paradise of gambling and leisure. There, his hunt for weaponized pathogens reveals something else: stolen resurrection technology. Intended to give the masses another tool to prolong life, someone plots a scheme to commodotize it and keep it for those who have the means to pay for it. But they have an even more insidious plan. Resurrection could allow them to infiltrate the halls of power and undo centuries of work blunting humanity’s worst impulses.

“…[A]n ambiguous look at a sprawling, discordant society coping, not too successfully, with the introduction of eternal youth.

Well, at least until someone shoots you. But even then…”
Another Way to Die arrives this Friday! And I’m giving away five copies, Kindle or paperback. Send a message here with the subject line “I Want Another Way To Die.” (I promise I won’t think you’re morbid. It’s just a book.)