Second Wave – Suicide

Second Wave by TS HottleSecond Wave is the second book of the Amargosa Trilogy. It is 99 cents in ebook currently across most platforms.

Commander Cui Yun, Compact Navy (Ret.), aka Suicide, is living the life of a hermit when we meet her inĀ The Children of Amargosa. She’s a pilot Lucius Kray hopes to find. His theory is she can go back to the Compact and tell them he is leading the resistance. In practice, she shoots Kray’s two minders and takes JT and Lizzy Austin and runs. Before long, she is a part of the very resistance Kray has denied and has become his mortal enemy.

For JT, Suicide is both a mother and father figure. His ever-absent father, an admiral, and wealthy mother were why he became so rebellious. And it’s Suicide who has to reign him in, along with Davra and Eric Yuwono, when they defy orders to go looking for the fallenĀ Ban Ki-moon. She understands why they did what they did, but it’s her mess to clean

When five former war criminals join their cell, Suicide has more than just three wayward teens to keep in line. And it’s only she who has the wherewithal to keep all of them in line.