We Need Reviews

Amazon ReviewsTwo weeks ago was the Second Wave free week. For those of you who snagged yourselves a copy and those who bought The Children of Amargosa with it, thank you. Now I need you to do one more thing.

I need you to leave an honest review at Amazon. Not a good review, though I would love it if you did. An honest review. Why? Reviews are social proof, even bad ones. Well, some bad ones. If you just write “This sucked” or rant about how it had a gay character or did not have one, that’s just wasting my time, your time, and the readers’ time. But a review says “Hey, I read this book.” It pays my mortgage. Or at least supplies me with Starbucks.

And it’s not just me that needs reviews. Everyone from your cousin who somehow managed to figure out how to load a manuscript and a passable cover onto Kindle to James Patterson needs reviews. It’s how your totally unknown cousin becomes James Patterson.

It’s not a lot to ask. Whether you read print or ebook, on Amazon or Kobo or iBooks, you simply go to where you bought the book, star it, and write the equivalent of a long Tweet. It helps us out and brings good karma.