Seeds of War Omnibus

Three complete novellas:

The Roots of War - Beware the alien with a potato. The "hew-man" Marq offers such a tuber to Kai and Tishla as the face a famine. But there's more at stake than the failure of a prison colony on a poisonous planet. Marq says three planets are really rogue colonies causing a mysterious "Compact" trouble. Invade away, and they're problems are solved. Only Kai smells the Gelt equivalent of a rat. But can he stop two species from going to war? Read an excerpt!

The Marylinists - Douglas Best has found three colonies for his backward world of Jefivah. Just remove the military's weapons of mass destruction. But Compact Intelligence is not happy. The weapons have disappeared. They think Best knows where they are. And to avoid prison, Best is going to have to turn to Jefivah's only major religion for help: A cult to the Blessed Mother, Marilyn Monroe. Read an excerpt!

Gimme Shelter - JT Austin has it all. His mother is a wealthy shipping heiress leading the Compact's largest corporate entity. His father is a newly minted admiral. But when he abuses his mother's wealth one too many times, they decide he needs military school. He decides he needs to flee to Tian, humanity's richest and most advanced world. Instead, he ends up on the distant farming world of Amargosa, lusted after by a farmer's daughter, suspected by a shady constable, and in the crosshairs of an alien invasion. Read an excerpt!

All three novellas now in one volume. Get yours today!

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