Suicide Run

Retired Navy pilot Cui Yun, "Suicide," is living a quiet life on Amargosa when someone drops a baby on her doorstep. She is no ordinary baby. Her father is Amargosa's governor. When he survives an assassination attempt, his wife goes missing. Suicide and her protégé, JT Austin, are tasked with finding her. They will travel to the Neanderthal planet of Gohem, to the bizarre desert planet Marilyn, to post-apocalyptic Walton, and end up at Thule, the mysterious world above the galactic plain. There, they will not only save the baby's mother, they will confront those who want to control immortality itself.

"Cui Yun is nothing short of a total badass. She’s a hardcore seasoned soldier and pilot, and is rarely [fazed] by any situation. Her past, and how she came to have her call sign ‘Suicide’, is revealed to the reader steadily in flashbacks, giving weight to everything she does. Suicide is a woman who has lived, loved, and lost, and a soldier who has been through more than most – which makes her pretty much the best at what she does." - Liminal Fiction

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