Beyond Amargosa

Broken Skies

Someone has seized Amargosa. Humanity is fighting back.

Three novellas bring you the story of how Amargosa was freed.

Broken Skies - An attempt to liberate Amargosa fails. While he waits for his fate, Quentin Austin investigates Juno, the mysterious company present before Farigha, Gilead, and Amargosa fell. His search will take him from Antarctica to the glittering towers of The Caliphate to the industrial hell of Bromdar. Murder and deception, meant to warn off Austin, will reveal an enemy closer to Earth than anyone expected. And they're selling out another colony.

Warped - True FTL has come. After four centuries of wormhole travel, Hideki Okada and Peter Lancaster have perfected warp drive, based on Dr. Alcubierre's work. Only they're not happy with the Navy's plans for it. Those in power want to retaliate against the Gelt for the loss of three colonies. But they have problems with it, not the least of which is raining fire down on an unsuspecting civilian population.

Flight Blade - Gid Modesto and Mitsuko Yamato are joining the effort to liberate Amargosa. They will travel to Gilead, now Hanar, to discover humanity has an ally, not an enemy, occupying the former colony. They will train with Gelt. Only their biggest battle seem to be each other.

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