Woodrow Wilson Class

The Woodrow Wilson class warship was a class of capital ship built by the Compact Navy. From their earliest iterations, the ships resembled blue water era aircraft carriers in profile but not function. The original Woodrow Wilson derived its name from a US president who created the blueprint for the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations. Other ships were named for UN founders Franklin Roosevelt (another US president and a found of the UN), his wife Eleanor Roosevelt (one of the first ambassadors to the original body), Winston Churchill (a British prime minister and another founder), or subsequent Secretaries-General. Kurt Waldheim, due to his involvement in the worst atrocities of the World War Era, is never included in the list of names.

Woodrow Wilson-class starships:

Dag Hammerskjold Ban Ki-moon

Appearances: The MarilynistsBroken SkiesSecond Wave