Woodrow Wilson Class

Type:       Capital ship

Polity:      Compact of Humanity in Assembly

Service:    Navy


The Woodrow Wilson class was one of the three largest classes of starship used by the Compact Navy, the others being the comparable Olympus Mons Class and the carrier-based Furious Class.

The earliest, and smallest, versions of these ships entered service during the Earth-Mars War as United Nations Space Defence weapons platforms. Though the conning tower design was impractical, engineers designed these ships with patriotic nostalgia in mind. The major powers of the World War Era all used aircraft carriers, so engineers designed the Wilsons’ hulls to look similar.

After the end of the war and the signing of the Compact, Earth and Mars engineers kept the lines of the original classes, but built them bigger. The most recent Wilson-class warship as of 435 IE, the Eleanor Roosevelt, would dwarf the original Woodrow Wilson several times over. Yet the class maintained its notable features—a long, flat dorsal surface with a conning tower, tapered keel, projection-drive dishes at each end of the vessel, and, with the larger versions of the class, a sizable contingent of combat and support craft.

The ships derived their names from secretaries-general of the United Nations, Earth’s governing body, from its founding to the beginning of the Interstellar Era. Additionally, ships were named for Woodrow Wilson (an American president instrumental in creating the League of Nations, a predecessor organization to the UN), Franklin D. Roosevelt (another president and one of the founders of the UN), Winston Churchill (the British prime minister who partnered with Roosevelt to create the UN), and Eleanor Roosevelt (President Roosevelt’s wife and an early architect of the organization.) Kurt Waldheim’s name was excluded due to his membership in the SS, a genocidal organization during one of the three World Wars that, ironically, led to the UN’s creation.

Notable ships of the class include:

U Thant

Ban Ki-moon

Kofi Anan


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