Storming Amargosa Update: In Which The Last Son Of Krypton Finds Sha Ka Ree

Jim Carrey typing in Bruce Almighty

The end is nigh.

I say that every time I come to the end of a project, and it always gets old. Yet I keep saying it. But the script version of Storming Amargosa is complete. That’s not to say the project is actually complete. I still have to convert this to prose, revise it, send it to betas, curl up in fetal position after reading the betas’ notes, and revise.

But it’s now coming down to the end of the story and the trilogy. It won’t be the last time you see JT, Davra, and the others (Well, most of them), unless I decide to give up scifi after this. (More on that tomorrow.) I started on the entire series in 2014, so it’ll be about 5 years when Storming debuts next year.

Scripting this has given me a detailed skeleton of a story. It’ll take far less time to convert this thing into prose. But typing is not writing. And while scripting forces me to construct a scene without thinking about writing it, I still have to come up with each scene. So my reaction this has been, “I have to write another scene?” This promises only to intensify as I get closer to the end. Especially after the climax. (Huh huh. He said “climax.”)

I’d like to say this time next week I’ll be riffing. Or I’ll be writing an “episode” of the follow up to Holland Bay. More likely, I’ll be saying, “Oh, God, will it ever end!”