The Exile

Nolan Rosc tried to kill Lattus Tishla and strike a blow for the humans on the former colony of Gilead. His sentence?

He is now Tishla's point man to recruit humans to help build her new colony of Hanar. Exiled to the orbiting city of Armaneya, a crossroads for alien life from all over the galaxy, Rosc must sell Tisha's plan for a new, multispecies world designed to replace and rebuild the one she was conned into stealing. He has allies in a shady Laputan dealmaker and Tishla's late husband's brother.

But he has an enemy, too, someone who wants nothing more than for Tishla to fail. Rosc is not the only one who could be killed for his work. Someone is willing to kill even innocent bystanders to stop what could be the last best hope for peace in the galaxy.

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