Beyond Amargosa

Broken SkiesBeyond Amargosa

I’m reorganizing the Compact Universe series to make it more readable. So three novellas – Broken SkiesWarped, and Flight Blade – will be released first in what is now the title volume to the Beyond Amargosa Arc. Coming soon, The Roots of War and Tishla will be combined into Tishla’s Journey, which will also include parts of the Amargosa Trilogy rewritten from Tishla’s point of view. The final book of this arc also includes a new novel combining elements of The MarilynistsThe Amortals, and The Exile. Why?

It makes more chronological sense as the stories, along with No Marigolds in the Promised Land were written to flesh out the Compact Universe beyond Amargosa. Looking at them as I rereleased the trilogy, I realized I’d produced a bit of a mess. So I’m combining things to be cleaner.

This is my tentative schedule, subject, as always, to change:

April, 2023 – Beyond Amargosa

June, 2023 – Tishla’s Journey

September, 2023 – Suicide Gambit: Book 5 of the Suicide Arc

November, 2023 – untitled novel featuring Douglas Best, the Marilynist cult, and Jayne

March, 2024 – Breaking Liberty: Book 6 of the Suicide Arc

May, 2024 – Amargosa Trilogy box set and individual rerelease set

July, 2024 – The Compact Reader – collection featuring Gimme Shelter, Among Wolves, Winter Games, “Headspace,” and a new short story

September, 2024 – Jump: Book 7 of the Suicide Arc

March, 2025 – First Command: Book 8 of the Suicide Arc

September, 2025 – Suicide Solution: Book 9 of the Suicide Arc, conclusion to the arc.