TJ Durant

TJ Durant was the captain of the CNV Cygnus. A native of Etrusca, his father was an admiral while his mother served as senator, Compact Assembly delegate, and potential candidate for Consul. During the Polygamy Wars, he suffered a broken neck, resulting in three synthetic vertebrae to repair the injury. The incident gave Durant a profound view on how privilege held back well-connected officers. He would later take command of the Cygnus with an informal mandate to whip over-privileged officers (called “nubs”) into shape. Among them was Giddeus Modesto. He surrounded himself with the least connected senior staff possible, including a security chief who hailed from Jefivah‘s Hill Country. Mitsuko Yamato also served under Durant, though he had a great deal of respect for the young royal’s devotion to duty. He confided to her his disgust for the Khamad Corporation‘s habit of asking the Navy to retake and protect their more neglected assets.


Appearances: Flight Blade