Anton Croix

Anton Croix was the governor of Amargosa until the Gelt Incursion of 429 IE. He placed JT Austin in the custody of Constable John Parker at the request of Tessa Dasarius when the boy fled Earth and ended up stranded on Amargosa.

Croix voiced skepticism at Lucius Kray‘s warnings of a coming war that would engulf Amargosa. Believed killed in the invasion, Suicide and her team discovered him alive in the bunker beneath the city. He attempted to turn them away, telling her that he wanted to wait for the Compact to return. The prisoner Trixie, who revealed herself to be Lattus Tishla, offered herself as a prisoner for the governor. However, her cooperation hinged on Croix allowing Suicide and JT Austin to oversee the examination.

Croix attempted to cancel Suicide’s mission. He revealed he did not recognize Colonel Jovann‘s authority but had been in contact with Lucius Kray. Suicide argued that no one knew he had even survived, and that Jovann had been actively fighting the Gelt. Tylar Wat added that Kray was a bigger war ciminal than he had been. Croix remained unconvinced.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter