Suicide Run – The Launch Event!

Yes, Friday evening at 6 PM Eastern, I will finally have a launch event for a book that published on August 12. Why?

The paperback took a couple of weeks to catch up. Plus, I’m not working this weekend!

Come join us as we formally launch Suicide Run!

WHO:  Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHAT:  Suicide Run, the first novel of the Suicide Arc and the latest Compact Universe novel. Videos on YouTube and shared to event page, an Ask Me Anything on Twitter at 7 PM (@tshottle, #suiciderunama), and a giveaway at 8 PM.

WHEN:   6 PM Eastern on September 3.

WHERE: The Suicide Run Launch Event Page on Facebook

WHY:  ‘Cuz I got a new book out now, silly! It’s right here.

HOW:  This link is the main page. Or check out my YouTube Channel. AMA will be here on Twitter, hastag #suiciderunama