Storming Amargosa Update: In Which The Roci Is Booked By An Old Man, A Boy, Two Droids… And No Questions Asked

In in the last round of “meddling kids” chapters, wherein I write a POV chapter for each of the four from the first two Amargosa novels and the mysterious new resistance leader. I figure I will write the final three of these this week, then next week…

Space battles!

Mercury launchGround battles!

Someone gets eaten by lycanths!

No, seriously, I off someone by making them part of an alien canine-like species’s nutritious breakfast. And is it ever a spite job!

I have two characters who have obvious sexual tension that both know it’s a bad idea to release, at least with each other. A chapter is devoted to them establishing that they are more than friends but not much more. And yet the characters, as they are wont to do, wanted to do the nasty. Here’s the problem. I already have JT dropping at least two F bombs after carefully writing this within YA guidelines. (I’ve long since given up any pretense that this is YA after the novellas pretty much dove into adult themes. The Marilynists have sex rites, and the Goshenites show why their parent world would prefer they not call themselves Mormon. So, YA has long since departed this series never to return.) So sexy time between two major characters who, in the real world, wouldn’t even get as close as they do, wouldn’t work.

Plus the scenes that would have emerged would suck big time.

The outline has all but the last 4 chapters named for the POV character in each. The final meddling kid chapter has the name plus, “Aaaaaand then we find the bomb.”

It’s a big bomb. One big enough to move the plot even in orbit. Then we get into blowing lots of stuff up!