Storming Amargosa: In Which Midnight’s Edge Alleges Firefly Was Canceled To Cover-Up JFK’s Real Killer And The Demise Of Joyce DeWitt’s Career

Skylab constructionI spent most of last week writing a looooong chapter about JT. Some of it was taken from the most recent draft, but not as much as I’d like. Originally, I said this was going to make another trip across the keyboard. And for about 70% of the manuscript thus far, that’s true. But 10,000 words? That’s a tenth of the novel, though it does cover a lot of the events on Hanar (formerly Gilead).

Duffy is finally coming into his own as a character. His first chapter had him largely as an observer, and I spent a lot of time taking dialog from JT and putting it in Duffy’s mouth. Or rewriting scenes from Duffy’s point of view.

The other challenge is Chapaan. It doesn’t take a lot to figure out her true identity, and anyone who will read the serialized¬†Among Wolves will know who she is. I’m currently working on her second chapter and she makes references to characters she’s known. So how spoilery am I getting?

I look at it this way. If all you read are the first two Amargosa novels, it won’t be a spoiler but a hint. If you read the entire series, you’ll likely get impatient with me to get her to reveal herself.

So once I finish Chapaan’s chapter, I have one more round of chapters surrounding the meddling kids. Then we get into the whole purpose of this novel:

Space battles!