Checkmate Is Coming

CheckmateCheckmate arrives February 8. Are you ready?

You can check out an excerpt here.

Book 2 of the Suicide Arc, this story centers on JT Austin, now a Compact Navy pilot flying the Falcons he trained on in Flight Blade and Storming Amargosa.. Traveling to a planet dubbed “Mud” by the Special Forces contingent there, and something much ruder by the Gelt they are fighting, JT gets a milk run. Retrieve the salty, battle-hardened Ed Windsor from his post and take him back to his homeworld of Bonaparte. Seems Ed is now Edward I and a planetary leader whether he likes it or not.

Only one starship is destroyed under mysterious circumstances, and JT’s own is brutally seized by mechs that carve up crewmembers to make their point. Now he has to keep Edward, his best friend Mitsuko Yamato, and the king’s entourage from Bonaparte alive while trying to escape. To do this, he’ll have to bargain with the Gelt. Because their Realm might be hostile to the Compact, but the real enemy is in their own ranks.

You can join the street team! I have Kindle and PDF arcs available for anyone wanting a sneak peak. I ask only an honest review in return. Why honest?

Good reviews sell ten books. Bad reviews sell one or two books. No reviews sell no books.

If interested, you can PM me at Thomas Hottle on Facebook, leave a comment on Hottle’s Minions, or email me at

In the meantime, just to whet your appetite, Suicide Run will be 99 cents on Kindle from February 6 through the 14th. The perfect gift for that special someone: A kick-ass woman battling a cult to Marilyn Monroe, man-eating plants, and a really bitchy clone. I really must pitch this to Hallmark. Think they can get Ming-Na Wen?

On the day of the book launch, there will be a YouTube event. Details here, on my Facebook page, and in the Hottle’s Minions group. I’ll do videos and a giveaway. At 8 PM, I’ll do an Ask Me Anything, also on YouTube, where you can ask me anything.

Except about that. I thought we agreed we would never speak about that ever.

Watch this space for more details. And see you on the 8th.