Dictation using wax cylinder phonographLast year, when I entered into agreement with Clayborne Press to do the heavy lifting on the Compact Universe, we discussed audiobooks. Jonathan Clayborne has since connected with a couple of readers, though I want a female reader for Tishla. It just makes sense. But I also want to do some of my own work. We selected the forthcoming Jim Winter novel Road Rules as the canary for that particular coal mine. However, I can’t just roll out a recording of myself reading you a story and expect Audible to accept it.

So I’m going to do a freebie for the newsletter. Two, actually. No Marigolds in the Promised Land will remain a freebie for the foreseeable future, and then there’s its replacement on the newsletter, Among Wolves, which will come out ahead of Storming Amargosa. I have a mic I have yet to setup, and I need to create a sound shield to cover my computer. If you could see my desk right now, you know what a challenge that will be. Oh, making the shield will be easy. It’s basically foam and cardboard that can be put up and taken down easily. But I have to be able to see the computer screen. Which means moving my speakers.

And the pile of papers I keep putting off sorting.

And my pens, whiteboard markers, coffee mug holder.

And the Crosley turntable upon which, right now, I’m listening to Dark Side of the Moon in the dark. (Literally. No lights beyond the scented wax holder. See the Jim Winter blog if you want to know more.)

It’s more than throwing a shield over your desk and hooking up a professional mic. I may need one more piece of equipment to plug it in. I need to practice with Audacity. And I’ll have to test the resulting files against Audible. No Marigolds will be a learning experience, if anything.