Storming Amargosa – Welcome To Development Hell

Dumpster fireStorming Amargosa will need a rewrite. I’ve had a week and 3000 miles of cross-country driving to think about it. There is way too much going on in the final Amargosa chapter and the Compact Universe in general for its current iteration to work. Essentially, I need a herd all the cats I set loose through three story arcs and two Amargosa novels.

Thanks to delays due to the Kindle/Createspace merger, Storming‘s release date keeps getting pushed back, which gives me a lot more time to beat this into shape. The problem is points of view. I opted to give for of my original five “meddling kids” POV scenes or, in one case, the view from surrounding characters as I keep that person’s identity a secret.

But as I said before, I laid a few eggs elsewhere in the series that now have to hatch. What happens to Tishla? What about Best from The Marilynists? What’s the deal with Leitman? With Germanicus? Plus I added a plot thread back on Earth to show what’s happening in the Compact through the eyes of a reluctant candidate for the polity’s first president. That may get cut, or it may get reduced and placed in sections where it makes more sense.

I’m considering breaking this up into segments devoted to each of my meddling kids with interludes for the other characters.

Or I may Netflix this thing and write it as 10-13 “episodes”. Unfortunately, this series evolved at the same time as Game of Thrones‘ popularity. George RR Martin, I blame you!

But I’ll likely have my final chapter out before he has his released.