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Publication and Author’s Suggested

The best way to read the Compact Universe is by story arc. Not necessary, but it gives you an overall idea of what’s going on.

The arcs are, in order:

No Marigolds in the Promised Land No Marigolds in the Promised Land (standalone prequel)

The Seeds of War Arc

The Roots of War The Roots of War
The Marilynists - New The Marilynists
Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter

All three novellas available in The Seeds of War Omnibus.

The Children of Amargosa

The Children of Amargosa – Book 1 of the Amargosa Trilogy





The Homefront Arc

Broken Skies by TS Hottle Broken Skies
Warped Warped
Tishla by TS Hottle Tishla

All novellas available in the Homefront Omnibus

Second Wave by TS Hottle

Second Wave – Book 2 of The Amargosa Trilogy





The Gathering Storm Arc

The Amortals
The Exile by TS Hottle The Exile
Flight Blade by TS Hottle Flight Blade

All stories available in The Gathering Storm Omnibus

Storming AmargosaStorming Amargosa – Book 3 of The Amargosa Trilogy





The Suicide Arc

Suicide Run
Checkmate Checkmate (coming February, 2022
Blank book cover Royal Orders (coming soon)