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The Compact Universe takes place four centuries after humans first travel the stars. The initial events take place 428 years into the Interstellar Era, or 428 IE.

While there is overlap between the various stories early on, the chronological order is based on when each story begins.


428 The Roots of War The Roots of War
429 No Marigolds in the Promised Land No Marigolds in the Promised Land
The Marilynists The Marilynists - New
Gimme Shelter Gimme Shelter
Tishla Tishla by TS Hottle
The Children of Amargosa The Children of Amargosa
Broken Skies Broken Skies by TS Hottle
Second Wave

Second Wave by TS Hottle
Old cover
Warped Warped
The Amortals
430 The Exile The Exile by TS Hottle
Flight Blade Flight Blade by TS Hottle
Storming Amargosa Storming Amargosa
431 Our heroes take a well-deserved year off.
432 Suicide Run Suicide Run by TS Hottle
433 Checkmate (Coming February, 2022) Checkmate
434 Royal Orders (Coming soon) Blank book cover