Saja (died 429 IE) was a woman who served as deputy constable for Dagar Township under Lucius Kray as of 429 IE. She was noted for her intense loyalty to Kray. Some noticed she harbored a secret attraction to Kray. Living a minimalist lifestyle, she had no real home, preferring to sleep on a cot in her office. She had a contentious relationship with Brendie Kray, who believed Saja was trying to steal Lucius from her.

When she and Kray became convinced an invasion would happen in days, Saja openly offered herself to Kray only to be rebuffed. He made it clear, however, that he intended to make her his wife once Brendie died in the invasion.

When Farset tricked JT Austin and Lizzy Parker into walking into Kray’s lair to be captured, Kray ordered him to take them with him to find Suicide, assigning Saja and another insurgent to guard them. Upon arriving at Suicide’s shack, however, the pilot killed her and her partner.

Appearances: Gimme Shelter