The Exile Update – In Which River Tam Meets River Song At The River Styx

Warsaw Calligraphy notebookWell, this has been different. Typing, I can get out six pages in two or three days, less if I’m having really long spurts at it. Long hand?

OK, this is the first one of these things in a long time I’m writing just before you read it. I’m up to 6 pages since last Tuesday. 6 pages.

So longhand will not be used very often in the future, much to the chagrin of my left wrist. One problem is that I don’t have earlier manuscripts at my fingertips. I can’t just stop and pull up Tishla or The Children of Amargosa and do a quick word search. Any names that aren’t immediately memorable, such as the Legal Caste Gelt whom Tishla stabs rather casually, gets [insert alternate name] in square brackets like that.

On the other hand, I’m not toting my Surface to work. It stays on the charger. I can grab the ms and start scribbling whenever. And I have a few times already. I may forgo lunchtime revisions and sketching until after my honeymoon.

Fortunately, this is a shorter novella. I’m hoping it clears the 20,000 word barrier because I’d like for it to have a print edition, but we shall see. Right now, I know I’ve already surrendered my lunch hour to this.